Kenneth Watson Design has one simple goal at its center —
to create an environment, not just a finished product.

The drive supporting Kenneth Watson Design lies in the variety of experience of its owner and his incessant desire to produce a useful space that is also visually enhancing. This proposition of the marriage of art and function is deeply rooted in Kenneth Watson’s vision that the space that one lives in truly influences a persons ideas, feelings, thoughts, mood and inspiration. With this notion, he aims to see that everyone can enjoy the place in which they live.

From the sandbox to the job site, Kenneth Watson was raised along side his family-owned contracting business that nurtured his natural inclination toward getting dirt beneath his fingernails. This ascetic for working with his hands has also lead Kenneth to obtain an art degree that exposed him to the world of advertising art and thus, actively conceiving corporate identities and product layouts. Cradled between these two backgrounds is the heart of Kenneth Watson Design.

Shapes… Shadows… Color… Texture… Space… Function… Emotion… and You.

Our Focus

Enhancing the look and feel of your environment through design and attention to detail, while using only the highest quality materials to guarentee a lifetime of enjoyment. We specialize in many areas some of which include: Brick Paving, Natural Stone, Heated Driveways, Retaining Walls, Seat Walls, Garden Walls, Landscaping, Pergolas, Waterscapes and New FLEX Series LED and 24 Volt energy saving Outdoor Lighting design and installations.


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